Personal Trainer / Trained Chef / Nutritionist 

        Years ago, I worked with a team of professionals in order to bring the best possible health solutions to a certain individual. This team consisted of a trained chef, a nutritionist from a major university, and myself (a 5x nationally accredited biomechanics specialist). The three of us communicated with each other daily and our client’s health made dramatic improvements.

       Whenever I would tell people about this team that I worked on, they would say, “ I wish I could have that kind of attention to my health.” I thought to myself, “ how can I make this type of service available to more users and more affordable?” My solution: What if one professional did it all?  I went to culinary school, I became certified in nutrition by a major university , and I worked with countless doctors to learn the ins and outs of supplementation. Now I bring to you, AdamHfitness: The only comprehensive health solution for individuals who are truly committed to changing their lives. Take advatage of as many or as little of my services , but know that I am here for you in every regard.

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Training Orlando Bloom while filimg "The Outpost" in Europe


Picture: Cooking at Matthew Kenney's  Plant Lab